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As a family-owned business, we know how important quality printing is to your organization!

Eaglewood Technologies was founded by the Mulheran family with the goal of constantly innovating our technologies. Pete, Mary and Peter bring their nearly 100 years of experience in flexography to developing solutions for flexographers. Sani-Blast Inc. was purchased in 2007 which was the pioneer in anilox cleaning. In 2014, we introduced the revolutionary Sanilox™ Anilox Roll Cleaning System and 2015 Sanilox™ 2.0. 2017 has brought the advent of the game-changing Laserlox™ Systems, which evolved to the award-winning Sitexco Systems. In 2018, Eaglewood purchased Midstates Flexo Cleaning to better serve the upper Midwest cleaning market. A partnership with Alphasonics has been announced for 2020 to supply their advanced ultrasonic anilox cleaning equipment. Eaglewood Technologies now truly has an anilox cleaning solution for every flexographer!


Sustainability remains at the forefront of our technologies. We strive to help companies achieve their sustainability initiatives by reducing waste during roll cleaning operations.

Safety is Key

We are a member of ISNetworld® who links clients and contractors, helps to create safer work environments, and fortifies lasting partnerships. ISNetworld® maintains safety, insurance, quality and regulatory information.

We are proud to be in association with them, upholding high levels of quality and safety throughout every job, every time.

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EOS Company

Eaglewood Technologies is an EOS company, working to instill focus, discipline and accountability throughout our team. Our core values are

  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Customer Focus
  • Family Values

What makes us unique is our systems have proven results, are safe for the environment and our staff is always professional.

Our Leadership Team Supported by our professional FIRST Certified Technicians

Pete F. Mulheran

Pete F. Mulheran


Senior Project Manager

Mary L Mulheran

Mary L Mulheran

Peter J. Mulheran

Peter J. Mulheran


Vice President/General Manager

So why not leave the roll cleaning to us so you can get back to the more important pieces of your work?

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Contact us and we can discuss which method of anilox roll cleaning would be best for you and your business. We guarantee, you’ll be glad you did!