Sanilox™ Cleaning Systems

Sanilox™ Cleaning Systems

The Fastest and Most Efficient In-Press Anilox Roll Cleaning System on the Market

The Sanilox™ system is an innovative, environmentally-safe anilox roll cleaning system engineered by Eaglewood Technologies. Sanilox™ is easy to operate and is controlled by a simple touch screen interface.

Sanilox™ Advantages:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • No Line Screen or Geometry Limitations
  • One system cleans anilox rolls of any diameter
  • A color touch screen makes it easy to operate and track roll inventory data
  • Increases the life of your anilox rolls
  • One year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee

Sanilox™ Cleans:

  • Any adhesive, ink, coating, varnish or glue chemistry
  • Journaled rolls
  • Sleeves
  • Gravure rolls
  • Glue rolls
  • Coating rolls
  • Adhesive rolls

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How Our In-Press Anilox Roll Cleaning System Works

The Sanilox™ media delivery system fractures the media to below six microns when applied at 35 psi – this means the media reaches the bottom of the cell, ensuring the entire cell gets cleaned (not just the walls of the cell). Other media blasters, including plastic, use a lower pressure in order to “recycle” and re-use media. At a lower pressure, the cleaning time can take up to four times as long. “Recycling” units are less effective cleaning machines since the ink and anything else that is being removed gets recycled as well. This means the roller never truly gets cleaned and dried ink is driven into it over and over.

The Sanilox™ System uses a special formulation of sodium bicarbonate specifically designed for the deep cleaning of aniloxes. This media is manufactured by Armex® the industrial division of Arm and Hammer. The Anilox formulation is USDA and FDA approved for use in food-grade packaging facilities. This media breaks down enough to reach the bottom of the cells of even the finest line screen aniloxes on the market.

Sanilox Technical Video 2016Sanilox Technical Video

SaniLox In Press VideoSaniLox In Press Video

Flexible Applications

Sanilox™ In-Press

Cleans anilox rolls in-press by attaching the track via magnets to the print deck.

Sanilox™ Off-Press

Cleans anilox rolls off-press by using the Anilox Roll Cart attachment. The operator can start the system, walk away, and return to a clean roll.

Sanilox Equipment

System Specifications

Sanilox™ System

  • Footprint: 63” L x 27” W x 65” H
  • Weight: 985 lbs
  • Air: 80 psi, 3/8” quick connect fitting
  • (2) 110 volt / 20 Amp dedicated electrical outlets

Anilox Roll Cart

  • Footprint: 107” L x 32” W x 41” H
  • Weight: 560 lbs
  • (1) 110 volt electrical outlet
Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

The Sanilox™ system fractures the media to below six microns when applied at 35 psi. This means the media reaches the bottom of the cell, ensuring the entire cell gets cleaned (not just the wall of the cell).

Dust-Free Operation

Dust-Free Operation

The Sanilox™ system uses a two-stage HEPA filtering system that delivers dust-free operation throughout the entire cleaning process. There is one collection point for easy disposal and zero mess.



The touch screen interface allows for information to be easily entered and stored for simple recall.

In-press and Off-press Options

In-press and Off-press Options

The Sanliox™ system can be quickly and easily transformed from an in-press to an off-press system. No other machine on the market today offers this flexibility.