Eaglewood Technologies Customer Testimonials

two men standing in front of a roll cleaning machine

Classic Packaging Company of Pfafftown, NC recently purchased the Sitexco SL 1.5 Laser Anilox Cleaning System from Eaglewood Technologies, in partnership with Anderson & Vreeland.  Classic Packaging is a family-owned business that offers their top-of-the-line packaging technologies to a variety of retailers, food processors and packaging distributors across the country.  They are committed to investing in state-of-the-art technologies to provide top quality packaging at a reasonable price.

According to Nathan McKinney, Production Manager at Classic, "We were looking for an anilox cleaning system that could provide more consistent print results, reduce noise pollution and be easier to operate.  We also liked that we could integrate the AniCAM into the Sitexco System to control our anilox inventory better.  We looked at quite a few systems but it was clear that the Sitexco System was a proven technology.  We also appreciated working with another family business."

Classic Packaging also considered their sustainability goals in their decision.  A system that met the FDA requirements for food packaging was critical.  The Sitexco System shines with no media, no chemicals, no water and no residue that could contaminate food packaging.

McKinney also commented, "We immediately saw an improvement in densities and ink laydown when we started cleaning aniloxes with our Sitexco System.  Over time we have seen that we are down less due to print issues, our guys are more willing to use the cleaning system, we're inspecting our aniloxes more frequently, and we're more productive overall because we rarely have issues with our aniloxes."

Classic Packaging Corporation

“The Sitexco System we purchased from Eaglewood Technologies was by far the best pressroom investment we’ve made in decades!”

- Wally Robbins, President & CEO, Canada Ticket

“Admiral Packaging has been focused on Continuous Improvement for many years and we continue to look for cutting edge technology that will allow our operators to do what they do best and that’s run the equipment. Is the customer going to pay us to change the anilox after we’ve set the press up? The answer is always no, so we must find ways to ensure the anilox are always clean before we need them. To do this we needed to revamp our anilox program and refine the way we clean anilox and the length of time required to do so. I reached out to Peter at Eaglewood Technologies and I knew from our first meeting that these guys could help us hit it out of the park and deliver exactly what we required. There were features about the cleaner that ultimately made our decision to purchase the Sitexco a no brainer; zero chemical waste and the auto focus feature just to name a few. After many conversations with Peter and his team at Eaglewood Technologies I knew we were buying more than an anilox cleaner, we were building a relationship that is much needed in business today.”

– Robert Hummell, Plant Manager, Admiral Packaging

“We recently replaced our old baking soda anilox cleaner with the new Sanilox™ System and the feedback from my operators has been very positive. The new Sanilox™ System is dust free and the automation makes it simple to use. We are very pleased with the performance of the new Sanilox™ System.”

- James, All Foils, Strongsville, OH

“We have used our new system many times already and everyone just loves it. From what I see, it is money well spent. I have not seen aniloxes this clean for a long time. Like I said before, you guys are tops with me. Always follow through and always there to help us. You have been partners for years and I look forward to many more years of working together.”

Glenn, Waldan Paper, Oshkosh, WI

“Thank you for the report on our anilox rolls. As you can see by the reports we had a very successful cleaning and now know that our rolls are as clean as possible we will be able to make discussions going forward based on that. On behalf of the President, Vice President, General Manager and of course myself we really want to let you know how impressed we are with your technician Shane. On-time, organized and self starting are all things one can except but additionally Shane was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the process, show us the equipment and answered all our questions very professionally. This has been a very good experience for us and will continue to not only use your service but would recommend it to anyone looking to have something like this done.”

- Mike Hampe, Cross Container Corporation, Carpentersville, IL

“After testing various types of anilox cleaners and different brands of laser systems, the Sitexco system is the only system that gave our rolls the deep clean we were looking for. The low power use and no consumables fit very well with our company sustainability goals. We previously utilized ultrasonic anilox cleaning but it did not yield the results we needed to consistently product the images our clients had come to expect from us. We tested other types but found this laser cleaner to do the best job. We are able to use older aniloxes for colors they could not previously attain since they were new.”

– David Storey, Farnell Packaging, Ltd.

“APC set goals in 2017 to evaluate alternative solutions to improve health, safety and improve efficiency of anilox cleaning over traditional cleaners. After research and testing we chose the Sitexco 117. The dual laser cleaning system demonstrated improved cleaning quality, improved cleaning consistency and elimination of hazardous chemicals. The system installation and training was easily accomplished in one day due to the system design.”

– Robert Jamison, American Packaging Corporation

“Shane really knows his stuff when it comes to anilox care and maintenance. Eaglewood Technologies has improved our print quality with their service.”

- Wayne S., Maintenance Manager, Chicago, IL

“You guys do great work – congratulations on your success!”

- Chris, Plant Manager, Minneapolis, MN

“We have tried other roll cleaning services and found Sani-Blast service the most professional, and easy to do business with.”

- John W., Production Supervisor, Circleville, OH