Label and Narrow Web Anilox Cleaning

At Eaglewood Technologies, our goal is to make the flexographic process better, cleaner, and safer through the equipment we provide. The cornerstone of our business is producing label and narrow web anilox cleaning systems that improve customer workflows and processes while being more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The narrow web market segment has changed dramatically thanks to technological advances. As pioneers of laser technology, Eaglewood has earned a reputation as laser anilox cleaning experts. We were the first to bring this technology to the marketplace and our experience shows in our product lineup.


Don’t let dirty anilox rolls impact your narrow web printing presses. Eliminate poor print quality and reduce downtime and waste by having your rolls professionally cleaned! Our Xpress Anilox Cleaning Service provides anilox roll deep cleaning at your facility or ours — whichever is most convenient. Our skilled technicians will safely and effectively clean your dirty rolls using our proven Sanilox™, Sitexco+, SitexcoLabel L20, or Alphasonics technologies, increasing productivity and extending the life of your rolls.

Our new mobile narrow web cleaning service allows our narrow web customers the option of having our skilled service technicians clean onsite using our award winning laser anilox cleaning technologies. Included in every anilox that we clean is a roll audit where our technicians clearly illustrate how well our services cleaned your aniloxes, any issues they find and your anilox’s current condition.


In the flexography industry, sustainability is key. Our label and narrow web cleaning systems hit all three pillars of sustainability: they are environmentally safe, improve workflow and processes to increase printing press up-time, and are cost-effective. As opposed to traditional presses that rely on water and caustic chemicals, laser anilox systems generate no consumables or waste stream. They offer very low energy consumption and no water usage. The result? Less impact on the environment, more efficient processes, and lower costs. Nothing is more environmentally safe than laser technology!


As their name implies, narrow web systems move narrower paper or substrate through printing presses in web format. They’re an ideal solution for the mass production of labels for wines and spirits and small consumer products like medication bottles.

Our label and narrow web printing solutions are sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective. We offer innovative products utilizing award-winning technology to ensure easy operation, safety, and superior cleaning results for all your narrow web needs. Whether you opt for a laser cleaning system or liquid anilox cleaning technology, you’ll find the most environmentally safe solutions in the narrow web market.

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