XPress™ Anilox Roll Cleaning Service

XPress Anilox Cleaning Service

Fast and Exceptional Anilox Cleaning Services

xpress anilox roll cleaning service

Eaglewood Technologies has been providing anilox roll cleaning services for more than 25 years. Our team of skilled technicians has successfully cleaned nearly 30,000 rolls on-site at our customers facilities and off-site at Eaglewood Technologies. Our service is fast, effective, and safe.

We Clean

  • On-site at your facility or off-site at Eaglewood Technologies
  • Any ink, coating, varnish or glue chemistry
  • Anilox sleeves
  • Rolls with journals
  • Glue rolls on corrugators
  • Offset coating rolls
  • Gravure cylinders

Maximum Safety

Our services are safe for your rolls, your people, and the environment.

Proven Results

Our skilled technicians provide roll reports that illustrate the effectiveness of the cleaning service and the condition of your anilox. Deep cleaning will save you money, increase productivity, and extend the life of your rolls.

Our Technology

XPress™ Anillox Cleaning Service uses our proven Sanilox™ technology on-site at your facility.

Our off-site cleaning technologies include either Sanilox™ or our award winning Sitexco Laser System.

How We Clean

sanilox equipment used for xpress roll cleaning services

Sanilox System

The Sanilox™ media delivery system fractures the media to below six microns when applied at 35 psi. As a result, the media reaches the bottom of the cell which ensures that the entire cell gets cleaned (not just the cell walls). The Sanilox™ system is safe for your cylinders, your people, and the environment.

  • Sanilox™ In-press cleans anilox rolls in-press by attaching the track via magnets to the print deck.
  • Sanilox™ Off-press cleans anilox rolls by using an Anilox Roll Cart attachment.

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sitexco equipment used for xpress roll cleaning services

Sitexco System

The Sitexco Roll Cleaning System is the most intelligent and effective way of cleaning your anilox rolls. Advanced laser technology combined with cutting-edge software, allows our technicians to easily clean your ink and coating chemistries. This technology is only available for off-site cleaning at Eaglewood Technologies with a 99” overall length limit.

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