Equipment Financing

Eaglewood Technologies Provides:

  • Cutting-edge anilox roll products that deep clean your anilox rolls or print sleeves efficiently and effectively
  • Sitexco laser anilox cleaning technologies
  • Sanilox™ cleaning systems — the fastest and most efficient anilox roll cleaning system on the market
  • Anilox Roll Cleaning ON-THE-GO: Sani-Blast™ service brings our proven Sanilox™ roll cleaning technology to you

Roll Products Financing

How Our Financing Program Works:

  • Up to 60 month term
  • 100% financing for all design, fixtures and furniture and installation
  • Low monthly payment
  • Online application at
  • Quick turnaround

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Benefits of Financing:

  • Acquire new technology now while preserving capital and pay over time
  • Avoid obsolescence in your equipment and remain flexible
  • Gain predictability in your monthly payments to better help with budgeting
  • Potential accounting and tax benefits

About KLC Financial, Inc

A premier finance company, KLC Financial, Inc. was founded in 1987. Headquartered in Minnetonka, MN, we lease and finance capital equipment and assets for businesses nationwide. KLC Financial is built on strong, profitable relationships with our customers, vendors and bank partners.

Our mission is to bring advantageous equipment finance solutions to our clients with integrity, depth of knowledge and speed. This is achieved through our ongoing vision to bring expertly constructed flexible financing solutions that accurately meet the needs of business owners. We believe this is accomplished through valuable advice, creativity, enhanced profitability and the tenacity to get to "yes".