Nanocleaner Press Parts Washing System

Model NC-600  |  Model NC-800  |  Model NC-1200

The Nanocleaner is an automatic and environmentally friendly parts cleaning systems for narrow web flexographic printers who use solvent or UV/LED printing inks, coatings and varnishes.

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Bella - dc 1300

Bella - Model DC-1300

Certified by HP for your HP Indigo Digital Presses, the Bella DC-1300 is the most thorough, environmentally friendly and cost-effective method for cleaning all your critical press components. Ink tanks, application rollers, etc are cleaned efficiently with the HP specific Imaging Oil. The integrated recycling system continuously removes the HP Imaging Oil from ink particles. As a result, operating costs and the volume of hazardous waste is reduced to a minimum.

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Manual Cleaning System - Model HC-1000

The Nanovis HC-1000 was created to complement the automatic Nanocleaner parts washing system. The HC-1000 is a manual parts washing system that utilizes the same environmentally safe cleaning agent to remove UV/LED and solvent based inks fast and easily with the flow-through brush. For particularly stubborn inks it is possible to prepare the parts to be cleaned in the soaking bay. The detergent used in the HC-1000 is VOC-free and completely recyclable. So, due to the integrated recycling system it NEVER needs to be replaced. This saves time, reduces consumable costs and well as disposal costs, and also protects people and the environment.

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MCS - HC-1000
UCS - Model US-500

Ultrasonic Cleaning Station - Model US-500

For those companies who don’t have many press parts to clean on a daily basis but still understand the importance of perfectly cleaned parts, the US-500 ultrasonic parts cleaner is ideal. Due to the VOC-free cleaning agent, this unit can be installed in any location without any protective measures.

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Who is Nanovis

Nanovis is a leader in environmentally friendly cleaning technologies for both flexographic printing and pad printing. Their innovative products yield spectacular results in the most sustainable technology available to our industry. Nanovis' mission is to offer innovative and environmentally safe technologies and products to the printing industry. Most companies are searching for sustainable cleaning methods for their printing press tools, methods which are not only more efficient and less costly, but increasingly more considerate to humans and our environment.

Advantages of Nanovis Technologies:

  • VOC-free Cleaning
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Short Washing Cycle Times
  • Patented Activation Process
  • Trusted Swiss Engineering and Manufacturing
  • The Most Environmentally Friendly Method of Cleaning Press Parts
  • Automated and Consistent Cleaning Results
  • Disposal of Dry Ink Waste instead of Hazardous Liquid Waste
  • Reduced Press Downtime
  • Consistent Print Quality
  • Healthy Working Environment

How Does It Work?

Optimized cleaning results with minimal energy consumption. A patented activation process effective on the nanoscale is utilized in the Nanocleaner. By the focused supply of electric energy, these substances form highly effective, nano-sized particles. They remain active for a few seconds, can penetrate the ink layer, and separate it from the contaminants. The soiled press parts are placed inside the cleaning tank where the activated cleaning agent is continuously sprayed through the jet arms onto the parts. The cleaning takes place in a closed loop under vacuum. This allows for proper cleaning without health hazardous vapors. This allows the Nanocleaners to be installed directly in the production area next to the printing presses.

Clean Agent

Cleaning Agent

Nanovis has developed cleaning agents specific for effective cleaning with their technologies. As opposed to the widespread VOC-containing solvents, they offer fundamental advantages. In particular they have a high flashpoint, are environmentally sustainable, and do not evaporate. They also do not lose their cleaning strength even after many years. Time-consuming maintenance work like the periodical replacement of the cleaning agent and its disposal is avoided.

Recyling and Disposal

Within the same cleaning unit, the reclaimed printing ink is constantly removed from the cleaning agent by using an adsorber in the integrated recycling system. Because of this, the cleaning agent is not wasted and can therefore be used over and over again for an unlimited amount of time. From time to time the collected printing ink can be removed by hand from the recycling system in the form of a dry, solid cake, allowing for a trouble-free disposal

Recyling and Disposal