Bella - Model DC-1300


The Bella DC-1300 cleaner is designed for cleaning HP Indigo Digital Press parts and accessories quickly and thoroughly using HP Imaging Oil. Certified by HP, the automatic system offers an environmentally friendly and cost effective way of cleaning critical press components, including BIDs, ink tanks, application rollers, and more.

BELLA DC-1300: Cleaning machine for HP Indigo press parts

The BELLA DC-1300 is a cleaning device with recycling for HP-INDIGO printing machine parts. The maintenance and cleaning of the relevant parts have an important influence on the good print quality of the HP INDIGO printing machine.

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The Bella DC-1300 boasts a user-friendly design for simple and efficient cleaning with minimal training time. The Bella automatically cleans and flushes the BIDs to reduce downtime, improve print quality and extend the life of these components. An integrated recycling system continuously frees the Imaging Oil from ink particles, ensuring cleaner HP Parts while improving print quality. This closed-loop system reduces oil consumption, hazardous waste, and disposal costs, minimizing your environmental footprint.


  • External Dimensions (LxWxH):  1340 x 800 x 1530 mm
  • Effective Dimensions (LxW):  1280 x 670 mm
  • Electric Supply:  115 VAC / 60 Hz
  • Cleaning Agent:  Imaging Oil
  • Filling Capacity:  80 liters (approximate)

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