Eaglewood Technologies are the anilox management experts.

We offer an intelligent, environmentally safe anilox cleaning solution for every flexographic printer. Solutions include the award winning Sitexco+ Laser System to the innovative Sanilox System or Alphasonics ultrasonic solutions. We also offer our XPress™ mobile cleaning service at your facility or ours.

XPress™ Service

XPress Service brings our proven Sanilox™ roll cleaning technology to you. Expert technicians will perform service on-site at your facility or off-site at Eaglewood Technologies.

  • Deep clean anilox rolls, gravure rolls, coating rolls, chrome or glue rolls and sleeves.
  • Provide a before and after microscopic photos with a final comprehensive report
  • Our services are safe for your rolls, safe for your people and safe for the environment.
  • Deep cleaning will save you money, increase productivity and extend the life of your rolls.

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Anilox Management
from the Experts

Eaglewood Technologies offers an intelligent, environmentally safe anilox cleaning solution for every flexographic printer. Solutions include award-winning Sitexco laser systems to the simply innovative Sanilox System or ultrasonic cleaning solutions.

  • Advanced technology, combined with cutting-edge software, allows the user to easily clean ink and coating chemistries of all types!
  • Track, measure, clean and control your anilox inventory with the aid of anilox management systems.
  • Avoid downtime, eliminate the use of caustic chemicals, use less ink and substrate, improve your quality.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our technologies.

We strive to help companies achieve their sustainability initiatives by reducing waste during roll cleaning and any cleaning operation in their facility. Our systems are safe for your people, your equipment and the environment.

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Superior cleaning is essential to effective ink delivery.

Our systems remove not only the ink pigments but the Teflons and adhesives that are often overlooked. This allows the ink will release more effectively and uniformly when the anilox is in the press.

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