Manual Cleaning System - Model HC-1000

The Nanovis HC-1000 is a versatile and environmentally friendly manual parts washing system designed to complement the automatic Nanocleaner parts washing system. It’s a budget-friendly option that targets UV/LED and solvent-based inks using a zero VOC, recyclable cleaning detergent that never needs to be replaced, minimizing waste and environmental impact. The HC-1000 is designed for straightforward and efficient cleaning procedures, making it simple to use.

Manual Cleaning System - Model HC-1000

NANOVIS HC-1000: Manual Cleaning Unit for Printing Industry

The system NANOVIS HC-1000 was implemented complementary to our automatic cleaning systems nanocleaner as a universally usable and environmentally friendly cleaning solution for the lower budget. It allows you to remove UV-curing and solvent based inks fast and easily with the flow-through brush.


The HC-1000 utilizes a flow-through brush for efficient and thorough cleaning of UV-curing and solvent-based inks. A soaking bay lets you prepare parts for cleaning, and is especially effective for tackling stubborn ink residues. The internal recycling system continuously removes the ink from the VOC-free cleaning agent, ensuring lasting cleaning power for narrow web printing. No liquid waste is generated; ink residues are removed from the system occasionally as a dry ink cake.


  • External Dimensions (LxWxH):  1000 x 650 x 880/1180 mm
  • Effective Dimensions (LxW):  980 x 620 mm
  • Electric Supply:  115 VAC / 60 Hz
  • Compressed Air Supply:  6 bar
  • Filling Capacity:  40 liters (approximate)

Want to learn more about how the HC-1000 can tackle your toughest narrow web printing cleaning challenges? Contact an Eaglewood Technologies representative today!