Armex® Soda Blasting Anilox Cleaning Media

Anilox Roll Cleaning Media

Anilox Cleaning Media

The proprietary sodium bicarbonate based media from Armex® is classified as a food grade product and is 100% water-soluble. When applied at low pressures by the Sanilox™ or Sani-Blast™ Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems, the soft media fractures upon impact with the roll surface. Unlike all other cleaning methods, this fracturing process allows the blast media to clean to the bottom of the anilox roll cells.

Eaglewood Technologies also offers a selection of Armex® sodium bicarbonate formulas for any application. Soda blasting is great for cleaning surfaces where the integrity of the original object must be preserved. These formulas can remove paint, rust, dirt, grease, oil, carbon and more from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized metal, concrete, ceramic tile, glass, plastics, rubber, neoprene and more. Applications include fire restoration, mold removal, engine rebuilding, graffiti removal, engine remanufacturing and auto restoration.

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Armex® Composite Formula

Composite Formula uses the smallest sodium bicarbonate crystal and is used on the most delicate substrates like graphite-epoxy or fiberglass to minimize the potential for damage and to provide a smooth surface finish.

Armex® Maintenance Formula

Maintenance Formula was formulated using medium sized crystals. It is value priced and appropriate for most cleaning and paint removal applications as well as mold and fire restoration.

Armex® Maintenance XL Formula

Maintenance XL uses the largest crystals. The XL crystals are the most aggressive and ideal for most paint removal applications, for example, stripping cars.