Classic Packaging Company of Pfafftown, NC recently purchased the Sitexco SL 1.5 Laser Anilox Cleaning System from Eaglewood Technologies, in partnership with Anderson & Vreeland.  Classic Packaging is a family-owned business that offers their top-of-the-line packaging technologies to a variety of retailers, food processors and packaging distributors across the country.  They are committed to investing in state-of-the-art technologies to provide top quality packaging at a reasonable price.

According to Nathan McKinney, Production Manager at Classic, "We were looking for an anilox cleaning system that could provide more consistent print results, reduce noise pollution and be easier to operate.  We also liked that we could integrate the AniCAM into the Sitexco System to control our anilox inventory better.  We looked at quite a few systems but it was clear that the Sitexco System was a proven technology.  We also appreciated working with another family business."

Classic Packaging also considered their sustainability goals in their decision.  A system that met the FDA requirements for food packaging was critical.  The Sitexco System shines with no media, no chemicals, no water and no residue that could contaminate food packaging.

McKinney also commented, "We immediately saw an improvement in densities and ink laydown when we started cleaning aniloxes with our Sitexco System.  Over time we have seen that we are down less due to print issues, our guys are more willing to use the cleaning system, we're inspecting our aniloxes more frequently, and we're more productive overall because we rarely have issues with our aniloxes."