Alphasonic Liquid Anilox Cleaning Technology

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The Most Effective Liquid Cleaning Technology on the Market

Since 1993, Alphasonics has gained a reputation worldwide for technical excellence and unrivaled service in the field of ultrasonic cleaning systems, with over 2,500 active customers globally. Eaglewood Technologies was attracted to Alphasonics due to its commitment to innovation and technical excellence. Alphasonics ultrasonic cleaning solutions are unrivaled in not only quality but also in cleaning capabilities. Lastly, Alphasonics' role in providing more sustainable cleaning solutions to the flexo industry than any other liquid cleaning technology allows this product line to fit seamlessly into Eaglewood's product portfolio.

  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • 5x Less Cost of Operation vs. Competitive Technologies
  • Patented Ultrasonic Technology
  • Medical Grade Components
  • Dual Frequency Cleanings
  • Faster Cleaning Times
  • Enhanced Super Sweep for Roll Safety
  • Less Environmental Impact
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Safely Clean Your Rolls…Guaranteed
  • Multiple Roll Cleaning Capabilities

How Alphasonic Liquid Anilox Cleaning Works

Ultrasonic cleaning has been around since the 1980s. However, in 2000 Alphasonics was the designer and manufacturer of the first dual-frequency ultrasonic anilox cleaning technology. This revolutionized the way the industry was cleaning aniloxes. Alphasonics continued to develop game-changing features to their technology allowing more effective cleaning capabilities but most importantly, doing so safely.

Alphasound is the patented technology allowing for dual frequencies, variable power, and super sweeping ultrasonics to effectively clean aniloxes.

55kHz (cycles/second) graph98kHz (cycles/second) graph

Betasound uses multiple frequencies, variable power, multi-super sweeping ultrasonics to safely and effectively clean aniloxes.

The low-frequency setting will utilize two combined lower frequencies for the regular cleaning of lower LPI aniloxes up to 800 LPI (315 LPC).

55kHz and 67kHz graph

anilox roller image

The high-frequency setting will utilize combined high frequencies for the regular cleaning of ultra-high line screen anilox rolls as used in high definition flexo of over 800 LPI.

98kHz and 12kHz graph

anilox roller image

Why "Sweeping" is crucial to Control

A "sweeping circuit" is the attempt to equalize ultrasound in fluid.

Enhanced Super Sweep delivers a more consistent ultrasonic distribution with little variation where competitive technologies struggle to keep sweep rates between 2kHz and 5kHz.

Enhanced Super Sweep guarantees roll safety and ensures rolls are cleaned to 100% of their deliverable volume across the entire web width.

Sonolysis is the use of ultrasonics to accelerate chemical reactions. The bubbles formed during the cleaning process form and grow as they ascend towards the anilox. Once the bubbles contact the anilox surface they implode and the microjet formed in the collapse of those bubbles draws out and draws away the contaminant from the cells.

Alphasonics uses "Active Cavitation" to enhance the effects of sonolysis by re-introducing oxygen into the cleaning tank at strategic points which increases the reaction between the cleaning agent and the contamination resulting in enhanced and faster cleaning.

Floor Standing Model
Dual Frequency for Cleaning of High Line Screen Aniloxes
Keypad Control System
Closed Roll Rotation
Auto Pumping and Filtration for Tank Cleanliness and Increased Chemical Longevity
Temperature Fall Back
Tank Lengths from 16.9" to 90.5"
Available in either single or dual frequency
Can Clean up to 6 Aniloxes Simultaneously
Budget Bench Top Roll Cleaning System
5 Tank Lengths Available: 23.6", 27.9", 35.4", 47.2" and 54.3"
Includes Manual Fill & Simple Drainage
Can Clean up to 6 x 15.7" face anilox rolls or 1 x 52" face anilox sleeve
Closed Rotation
Available in Single or Dual Frequency
Features of High Specification Cleaning Unit in Compact Bench Top Model
Compact and Simple
Tank Lengths from: 17" to 90.5"
Tank Standard Widths: 9.8" to 13.7"
Non-Standard Tank Widths Available
Includes Rinse Tank, Spray Wash Area and Services Management Bulkhead
Manually Activated Pump and Filtration System for Tank Cleanliness and Increased Chemical Longevity
Closed Rotation
One of the Most Popular Models
Flexo and Gravure Cylinders
Floor Standing Model
Cleaning for Low to Mid-Range Screen Counts
Safe, Regular Cleaning for Screens up to 800 LPI
Floor Standing Model Only Available in Single Frequency
Standard Format Includes Lengths from 17" to 90.5"
Tank Widths Available from 9.8" to 13.7"
Non-Standard Tank Widths Available
Includes Rinse Tank, Spray Wash Area and Service Management Bulkhead
Automatic Pump and Filtration System for Tank Cleanliness and Increased Chemical Longevity
Closed Rotation

two pictures of the alphasonic cleaning process.

Local Alphasonics USA Technical Support

Eaglewood Technologies is not only a North American dealer for Alphasonics USA, but we provide after-sales technical support locally to our customer base. We will assure that your equipment is installed properly, supported quickly and effectively by our highly trained technical team. Please contact Eaglewood Technologies today for a demonstration of the Alphasonics cleaning technology.