Why Clean Anilox Rolls?

Eaglewood Technologies Sitexco Machine

Anilox rolls are critical to efficient, quality printing so it is important to keep them clean

Eaglewood Technologies has helped printers and converters globally save money and improve their print quality by removing dried ink, adhesives, coatings and varnishes from their rolls and sleeves. Our systems also easily clean coating rolls in offset presses and glue rolls on corrugators.

How will proper anilox roll cleaning benefit your operation?

The anilox is the heart of the flexographic printing press and any issues with the anilox roll will undermine the print quality. Here are some ways that a consistent clean across the entire anilox roll will benefit your operation:

  • Avoid press downtime caused by having to scrub your anilox rolls with brushes
  • Decrease the use of caustic chemicals — our products are eco-friendly
  • Reduce the potential of rejected products from the customer
  • Use less ink and less substrate
  • Increase the lifespan of your anilox rolls
  • The same system can clean anilox rolls, coating rolls, adhesive rolls, journaled rolls, and glue rolls
  • The line count of your roll and the engraving will not affect how this system cleans
  • Quickly deep clean your anilox rolls after power outages cause the ink to dry and plug the anilox
  • The Sanilox™ System uses a food-grade media that is USDA and FDA approved for use in food-grade facilities
  • Clean faster and more consistently than all other technologies, while being the economical and completely non-hazardous option

Eaglewood Technologies Sanilox™ Systems have the longest track record of cleaning rolls in the industry – over 20 years and tens of thousands of rolls! We also have the Laserlox™ Anilox Cleaning Systems for packaging and label printers.

Eaglewood Technologies is the proven, reliable option to clean your rolls and can do so on-press or off-press in a fraction of the time and cost of other systems.