Eaglewood Technologies has been providing anilox cleaning services for over 25 years as the well-known Sani-Blast™ trademark.  Constant innovation has diversified the array of products and helped Eaglewood become the industry leader in anilox cleaning.  There is now an option for every converter.  XPress™ Anilox Cleaning Service offers a choice of cleaning technologies from the award winning Sitexco laser system to Sanilox™ In Press or Off Press Cleaning.

Xpress™ Anilox Cleaning technicians are expertly trained to clean anilox rolls, gravure rolls, coating rolls, chrome or glue rolls and sleeves.  They are proficient at cleaning any ink, coating, varnish or glue chemistry.  The services are safe for rolls, for people and the environment.

Xpress™ Anilox Service can clean rolls on or off press in a facility or offers a 48 hour turnaround for rolls shipped to Eaglewood Tech.