According to Eaglewood’s founding partner, Pete F. Mulheran, “I have committed myself and our company to supporting The ALS Association through volunteering and fundraising events. Our goal is funding research for a cure.” Stay tuned for our activities throughout 2020. 

“I never thought that I would become intimately aware of such a terrible disease. The Ice Bucket Challenge was something people were doing to raise funds for something called ALS. It wasn’t until my brother Dan was diagnosed in late 2018 that I truly understood the magnitude of this horrific disease and how it affects so many families. My brother, Dan Mulheran, faced these challenges with an incredible attitude of positive energy and bravery always more concerned about his caregivers than himself. ALS took his life one year after diagnosis.”
Pete’s first fundraising event was a three day adventure trek through Zion National Park, Utah, October 23rd – October 27th 2019. He raised $17,000.00 that will support research for a cure. Dan would have loved to participate in the incredible beauty of this event!