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Eaglewood Technologies Wins 2018 FTA Technical Innovation Award for Sitexco Laser Anilox Cleaning System

For over twenty years, the Technical Innovation Award has recognized the contributions and achievements made to the future of the flexographic industry.  Eaglewood Technologies is well aware that constant innovation is essential to compete in the flexographic industry.  The teams from Eaglewood Technologies and TEG Technologies are proud of the perserverance and dedication of everyone involved in this project.

The Sitexco Roll Cleaning Systems are the most intelligent, environmentally safe and effective way of maintaining anilox inventory.  Advanced laser technology, combined with cutting-edge software, allows the user to easily clean ink and coating chemistries of all types.

If you’d like a chance to see our award winning systems in action, schedule a visit to our Demo Center in Minneapolis by contacting (800) 347-1959 or [email protected].