Eaglewood Technologies invites all FTA members to join in “The Great Anilox Roll Debate” at FTA Forum, on Sunday, March 13th , 2:00 pm at the Fort Worth Convention Center.  This will be a roundtable discussion of top anilox suppliers regarding design engravings, tolerances and solutions to anilox issues.  The event will be moderated by Sean Teufler of Miraclon and Peter Mulheran of Eaglewood Technologies.

Peter commented, “After attending the FTA Fall Conference in Frisco, TX last October, it’s clear that our industry is excited to get back together.  Most importantly, flexo printers are eager to find new technologies to help them overcome new challenges in our industry.  Those challenges being improved print performance with a smaller work force, cost savings and improved press uptime.”


After the roundtable, come visit Eaglewood Technologies at the InfoFlex Exhibition in Booth #401 on March 14th and 15th.  We will be discussing the newest technologies in anilox roll cleaning systems and service, including the soon-to-be introduced Sitexco Label System.  Learn how anilox management will help achieve sustainability initiatives as well as track, measure, clean and control anilox inventory