The Sitexco Label L20 is a remarkable evolution from its predecessor, the L10 system, embodying a leap forward in anilox roll cleaning technology. This model seamlessly incorporates the revered attributes of the award-winning SLP systems with technical innovations designed to improve cleaning, filtration and versatility. 

Enhanced Cleaning Flexibility

The L20 is designed with versatility at its core, featuring multiple cleaning programs that allow users to customize the cleaning process to accommodate various types of anilox rolls. This adaptability ensures that each cleaning session is maximized for efficiency while minimizing wear on the rolls, an essential factor in prolonging their operational lifespan. The integration of automated features greatly simplifies the cleaning operation, making the system not only more effective but also significantly easier to handle— a critical benefit in the dynamic and time-sensitive environment of print production.

The Sitexco+ rapid cleaning cycles for anilox rollers delivers superior results in as little as 5 to 15 minutes, significantly faster than traditional cleaning methods. 

Advanced Filtration

A standout feature of the L20 is its sophisticated filtration system, meticulously engineered to manage laser-ablated particulates. This system excels in trapping and containing even the most minute particles and gases released during the cleaning process, thereby ensuring a workplace that is both safe and devoid of contaminants. Our focus on pioneering filtration technology highlights our commitment to exceeding environmental and safety standards, offering peace of mind to both operators and management.

Transformational Impact

The Sitexco Label L20 isn’t merely an upgrade—it's a transformation of the L10 system, sculpted by the very input of those who rely on it the most. This system is a tailor-made solution for the narrow web sector, providing enhanced capabilities, heightened efficiency, and unwavering safety.

The Sitexco+ technology is eco-friendly, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking for sustainable cleaning solutions. It does not require any water, chemicals, or generate any waste during the cleaning process. As a result, it is the most eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning technology available on the market. 

It is designed to be maintenance-free, which means there is no need to remove bearings or gears for cleaning. This feature saves time and ensures that the cleaning process is efficient and hassle-free. 

The L20 delivers superior cleaning and versatility, enabling you to achieve results rapidly and effectively. It is capable of accommodating every type of ink chemistry, ranging from water-based to solvent-based, including energy-curable inks such as UV or LED, adhesives, varnishes, and coatings. Its advanced laser technology ablates any ink chemistry, restoring rolls—whether ceramic or chrome—to a sparkling condition. 

The L20 compact and efficient design allows for easy placement on a tabletop or with an optional supporting table accessory. In terms of energy efficiency, this cleaner is a great option, as it consumes only 1.5 kW of power per hour, which is less energy than a household dishwasher. 

The new Sitexco Label L20 stands as a step forward in innovative engineering and customer-focused design, setting a new paradigm in the care and maintenance of anilox rolls within the narrow web printing industry.