Recently, competing laser anilox cleaning representatives have shared misleading information about heat generation during the cleaning process. Eaglewood felt it necessary to share the technical details regarding heat generation with laser anilox cleaning.

·    An anilox ceramic surface would see a temperature shift of only a few degrees, regardless of cleaning process. This is central to understanding why the competitor's claims are misleading.

·    A thermal camera is the only device capable of accurately measuring the temperature of the anilox surface. A digital thermometer is NOT.

·    The thermal camera illustration, above, shows the nature of heat during the cleaning process. The only measurable "heat", is limited to where the laser beam intersects the roll surface and quickly dissipates to ambient temperatures.

·    Lastly, heat during the laser cleaning process should never be a factor in cell damage. Other laser variables can cause damage, not heat. 

Please consult the laser anilox cleaning experts at Eaglewood Technologies to better understand the laser cleaning process.