Eaglewood Technologies has promoted Peter J. Mulheran to President of the 
Minneapolis-based anilox and parts cleaning business. Mulheran intends Eaglewood to 
be recognized as the #1 supplier in this market space in the next five years. 

In his prior position of Vice President and General Manager, Mulheran was instrumental 
in the development of the Sitexco Laser Systems with Spanish partner TEG 
Technologies. Eaglewood Technologies went on to win the FTA Technical Innovation 
Award and finalist for Label Industry Global Innovation Award for the Sitexco System. 
Eaglewood has recently expanded their product offerings to include sustainable parts 
washing systems for flexographic and digital printers and will be opening a satellite 
facility in Cincinnati this fall.

As a result of the promotion, Pete F. Mulheran and Mary Mulheran will take over the 
roles of Co-Chairs of Eaglewood Technologies. “We are delighted that Peter will be 
carrying on our family business”, Pete reflected.

Mulheran also has an array of industry associations and committee involvement with the 
FTA, AICC, and is a former TCFA board member. Eaglewood is an EOS company with 
core values of integrity, dedication, customer focus and family values.