Specialty Packaging, Inc. of Fort Worth, TX has invested in a Sitexco™ Anilox Roll Cleaning System from Eaglewood Technologies.  The Sitexco™ Systems received the 2018 FTA Technical Innovation Award and was nominated for the Label Industry Global Award for Innovation.  Specialty Packaging chose the Sitexco™ 2.5 System in an effort to automate their cleaning technology.

Jesus Contreras, Maintenance Manger at Specialty Packaging, provides this account of their decision, “I did my research looking for the best automated technology to clean anilox rolls.  I started with the Sanilox™ System because it can be done in-press.  When visiting your demo center in Minneapolis, you introduced me to your laser cleaning system.  After the demonstrations of both automated solutions, I did my research about your competitors and discovered that your Sitexco 2.5 had technology far superior to the others on the market.  I fell in love with the Sitexco 2.5.  I honestly did not find any cons; I did not think twice to close the deal.”

The Sitexco Systems provide a comprehensive solution to clean, measure, track and control your anilox inventory.  Digital microscopes and RFID are easily integrated.  It can clean multiple narrow web rolls or a combination of narrow and wide web rolls and sleeves.