Alphasonics is a simple, economical, safe solution to dirty anilox rolls. It is the only ultrasonic system with a no-damage guarantee and the lowest cost of operation of any liquid system. 

According to Chris Guertin, Production Control Manager at Flextec Corporation, " We have done a lot of testing/comparing densities and luminous with before and after draw downs. The densities seemed to be pretty equal, but when comparing luminance on 31 different anilox rolls, the Alphasonic cleaner produced an average of 1 to 1.5 points increase in luminance and greater consistency side to side."

"Almost all of the “tiger stripe” effect we were getting prior to the ultrasonic cleaning is gone. This is exactly what we needed to add to our operating procedures. We greatly appreciate a unit that can produce results like we are seeing. Thank you for the professionalism, Peter.”

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