Visit Eaglewood Technologies at Converters Expo Virtual Show August 24th and 25th!  We offer an intelligent, environmentally safe anilox cleaning solution for every flexographic printer. At a time when service technicians may not be allowed in facilities, we have the solution.

Eaglewood Technologies offers the award winning Sitexco Laser Systems; watch for the next generation to be introduced in Fall 2020!

The Sanilox Anilox Cleaning System is an innovative, environmentally safe anilox cleaning system engineered for simple operation.  This system cleans any adhesive, ink, coating, varnish or glue chemistry.

If you prefer to leave cleaning to the experts, we offer onsite roll cleaning or a 24 - 48 hour turnaround time for our ship-in roll service.  If you have a specific timetable, we'll do our best to accommodate.